As you may know, Sheila’s Spinning Bunny is a dealer for Schacht, a company that manufactures and distributes the Ladybug, Matchless, and Schacht-Reeves high quality spinning wheels. They also offer many models of weaving looms, including the popular Baby Wolf, Wolf Pup, and Cranbrook floor looms and several table looms and rigid heddle looms, including the Cricket loom. Schacht carries all the tools and accessories for all of these implements.

We are featuring Schacht baby wolf and wolf pup loom models in Mary Lynn’s Yarn Garden.  This provides local weavers an opportunity to see the looms in real life. You can order them  or buy a model off the floor fully assembled and ready to warp.

We also offer Ashford products: spinning wheels and looms, including the favorite folding table loom in 3 widths that can be converted to a floor loom with the foldable stand, and all manner of spinning and weaving products, not the least of which are Ashford fibers in every variety and color.

For detailed photos and descriptions of the products available to order as well as free online tutorials, visit them online at and .